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Deep State Panics As MAGA Closes In; Trump-RFK Ticket Would Win With 65% of US Vote

July 14, 2023: Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks “Deep State Panics As MAGA Closes In; Trump-RFK Ticket Would Win With 65% of US Vote” – TODAY’S GUESTS: John Mills, Ava Chen, Chris Hoar + America Speaks! #GodzillaOfTruth #TruckingTheTruth #OracleOfDeplorables

John Fredericks is a conservative talk radio host, media guru, and patriotic voice for America. On Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks on Real America’s Voice News, Fredericks, and his guests discuss the issues important to Americans.





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  1. Amanda

    Aren’t most of us already open to the idea? The issue though is, the federal agencies are controlling the elections, via CIS and CISA. They’re stealing the elections in other countries (our own intelligence agencies are) and in 2020 were just blatantly obvious about stealing the elections here. They figured by labeling Trump an outsider buffoon no one would notice or object if they went ahead and took control of the elections brazenly. Hell the media even put their confession in print, boastfully.

    That was certainly not RINO Republicans who elected Trump in 2020 – they very obviously were and still are playing for the other team, the team that everybody knows now is cheating. It WAS populist America that elected Trump then.

    I don’t know that it matters how much we support or accept RFK Jr. They inserted a clown show like Fetterman, apparently just to put an exclamation mark behind their brazen theft of the 2020 election. Biden is a potato, yea well this guy is a brain dead turnip, he’s had cognitive injury, and he shows up for work in sweat pants or shorts. Brazen election theft right out in the open. Those run off elections in Georgia – brazen election theft right out in the open.

    There must be some way to block the election theft electronically. Because we have failed to turn election law back legislatively.

    We have to vote on one day. An election month benefits no one but the craven CommuNazis in both parties. We have to return to paper ballots and having elections run locally within our counties.

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