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About Outside The Beltway

John Fredericks, Host 


John Fredericks is a conservative talk radio host, media guru, and patriotic voice for America. On Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks on Real America’s Voice News, Fredericks and his guests discuss the issues important to Americans.

John Fredericks served as Virginia Chairman of the Trump for President campaign in 2016 and 2020. Fredericks was a national Trump delegate to both the 2016 and 2020 RNC conventions and served as Virginia GOP Delegation Chairman in 2020.

Fredericks was the first media personality in America to endorse Donald J. Trump for President in June 2015 and correctly predict both his nomination and his general election victory.

A senior media executive with over 40 years of experience, Fredericks has served as a major market newspaper publisher, advertising director, editor, editorial page editor, TV host, syndicated radio host, commentator, and newspaper columnist. He has covered national news events that include government, business, economics, and politics.

Fredericks is also the publisher of two digital daily newspapers: and

He and his wife Anne, the company’s CEO, owns a number of radio stations in Virginia, Georgia and soon to be Pennsylvania.

John is also a White House Correspondent and Cable News Network Contributor.

Journalist Style & Passion 

John Fredericks is known for combining tough reporting with in-depth news analysis. Leveraging his extensive contacts, sterling reputation and experience, Fredericks brings the biggest names and most informed experts to his show to give listeners the information they need to make decisions about the issues facing America.

On the John Fredericks Radio Network, Fredericks serves as an honest broker of the truth, working to present all sides of every issue in a civil and respectful environment. His election predictions have proved uncannily accurate nationally and his pre-election morning line odds and forecasts have become “must listen” radio for American politicos.

John Fredericks believes there is a hunger among the populace for a forum where issues can be discussed intelligently and respectfully and firmly believes that Americans are eager to work together to find common ground among our diversity and differences. Based in Richmond, VA the show exists to give nationwide constituents access to information they need to begin the dialogue that can ultimately lead to working together, getting results, and improving America!

Why Watch Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks? 

On Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks Fredericks serves as an honest broker of the truth, working to present all sides of every issue in a civil and respectful environment. While an unabashed Trump supporter and a longtime American political populist, the host continually attracts big-name guests representing all sides of the political spectrum. Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks is fast-paced, and focuses on the top news stories of the day. With uncompromising coverage and cutting-edge analysis, Fredericks is either making news or breaking news.

  • Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks brings together America’s movers, shakers, and policymakers.
  • Fredericks interviews all the power players and rainmakers in the Nation’s political arena and on Capitol Hill and across America.
  • Broadcasting from around the country, Fredericks travels extensively around the nation and the world to bring you the most updated news and analysis from location – where the action is.
  • Outside the Beltway with John Fredericks invites viewer interaction and participation through live call-in and social media.